Internship Program

The internship at the John Bale Book Company is a for-credit program currently working with the University of Connecticut’s English department at its Waterbury campus.

Interns who enroll for the course at UConn devote time each week during the regular academic calender to working with some of the curious and unique books, archives, and ephemera in the John Bale Book Company’s collection.

Spring 2015 Interns:

Elizabeth “Elise” Plyler  is an English Major in her senior year. Her interests include fairy tales and folklore with a focus on themes of gender and sexuality in these stories and late-19th/early-20th century American history. She hopes to find employment in copywriting or editing while working on her own creative writing.
Damned to Everlasting Fame
Medical vs Artistic
The Abuse of Plants
Out of the Saloons and Into the Drawing Rooms

Jessica Zaccagnini is an English major in her junior year. She works at Starbucks in Seymore, CT, where she is the Queen of the Iced Doubleshot. She has approximately “way too many” books with not enough room to store them. One of her goals is to spend at least two weeks in every state in the U.S. She hopes for gainful employment in the field of reading books and giving her opinion on them.
Eva and Her Scrapbook (Part 2 of 2)
Eva and Her Scrapbook (Part 1 of 2)
Frank Leslie’s Gazette of Fashion

Fall 2014 Interns:

Sarah Davis is an English major with a concentration in Irish literature. Her research interests include LGBT literature with a focus on feminist criticism. She recently completed an Independent Study focused on Irish and American lesbian writers, under the guidance of Professor Rachael Lynch. She hopes to pursue graduate studies in English and is considering finding a career in publishing or undergraduate education.
A “Bungled” Execution and a Doctor’s Guilt
Welcome to Oddity Land

John McDonald is a psychology major who is minoring in urban studies. His research interests include local history, the interaction between urban development and the environment, and the psychological consequences of economic inequality. He plans to find employment in the non-profit sector while pursuing a career as a writer.
Bishop Jonathan Shipley
Thomas Lewis’s Peaceful End
The River’s Comeuppance
“Echoes” of the Past

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