Welcome to Our Blog!

Welcome, readers!

This post constitutes the formal opening of the John Bale Book Company blog! I’m pleased that you have found your way into our corner of the Internet.

I’m sure that you’re wondering why our bookshop has a blog. What, you may be asking yourself, could there possible be to blog? The answer is an exciting one, but one that requires a little explanation about what the John Bale Book Company is and does.

Titled “The Anatomy of Man’s Body, as Supposed to be Governed by the 12 Constellations” was found in a Waterbury, CT almanac from 1853!

The John Bale Book Company is an antiquarian bookshop, which means that we sell items (books, ephemera, prints, and all items in between) that range anywhere from the 1400s to the present.

You read that right! Our four-floor building in downtown Waterbury has books as old as 500 years! Which, when you think about it, is breathtaking! How many of you were aware while you were casually having lunch at the cafe on our first floor, enjoying one of Krista’s lunch specials or a delicious dessert by Ede, that books older than the oldest living thing you’ll have ever seen (with the possible exception of a couple of trees) sat on shelves on the floors above you?

Amazing, isn’t it?

After 20+ years in business, the John Bale Book Company has had some pretty remarkable items pass through our shop. What makes them remarkable, you ask. A remarkable book is not necessarily an expensive one, two separate qualities that, though not mutually exclusive, are often bundled together. Books that are remarkable may be so because of their unique binding (the type of leather or cloth used on the outside of the book), or because of a signature or an inscription, or perhaps because of a curious bookplate.

But by the standards of our blog, a remarkable book is always one that can tell a story. The items that we have handled (some would say “curate” but, let’s be honest, booksellers are not curators) and continue to buy and sell have all proven that they have earned– that they deserve– their place in history. This is where our blog, run by our interns and staff, makes its stand.

This is the best spot to sit down and read a book! Located in the fiction section of the shop, there is always a great book within reach!

While we aim to update this blog regularly, we are by no means rushing to pull together curious items about which we will blog. The fascinating and the interesting come together in time. But check back here and on our Facebook to find out when a new post hits the web!

Thanks for reading!
Bilal Tajildeen, Apprentice Bookman
The John Bale Book Company
158 Grand Street
Waterbury, CT 06702

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The John Bale Book Company
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If you have a question about buying or selling antiquarian or rare books, be sure to ask for Dan! For all other books, ask for Bilal!

If you have a question about publicity opportunities at the John Bale Book Company or renting out our second floor tea room for your next holiday gathering or business meeting, be sure to ask for Ede!

If you have a question about caterings or scheduling a book signing in our cafe, ask for Krista!

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